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Effective Nov. 1, College Saving Bank will no longer be accepting new accounts for the AZ529, Arizona's Education Savings Plan.

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Ivy Investments

The Ivy InvestEd 529 Plan offers multiple investment options, including ten Age-Based Portfolios, ten Static Portfolios, and nineteen Individual Mutual Fund Portfolios, or a combination of these three portfolio options. Please note the Ivy InvestEd 529 Plan is available for investment only through financial advisors.

Ivy  InvestEd 529 Plan
Minimum Initial Investment (lump sum contribution) $250
Minimum Initial Investment with Automatic Deposits $150 minimum and $50 per month
Combined Account Maximum $519,000
Annual Account Maintenance Fee $20 (waived for Arizona residents,  account balances greater than $25,000, or accounts enrolled in Automatic Deposit)
Estimated Underlying Fund Expense 0.34% – 1.06%
Annual distribution fee (distribution and 12b-fee) 0% – 0.25%
Total Annual Asset Based Fees 0.49% – 1.31%
Maximum sales charge (load) 2.5%

The Ivy InvestEd 529 Plan offers a variety of investment options, including:

Individual Mutual Funds

Select among 19 individual mutual funds from the Ivy Investments family, including domestic and international equity funds, specialty funds, and fixed-income funds.

Age-Based Portfolios

Select from one of ten Age-Based Portfolios based on the age of your child or beneficiary. These Age-Based Portfolios are customized based on the Designated Beneficiary’s college time horizon and seeks an appropriate level of investment risk for that time horizon. These Portfolios are designed to transition investments from equity-focused holdings to more fixed-income holdings, as the Designated Beneficiary ages, in an effort to help reduce the risk of loss when capital preservation is needed most.

Static Portfolios

Ten actively managed Static Portfolios allow an investor to select a comfortable risk level and its corresponding investment portfolio. Static Portfolios allow funds to stay in the portfolio of your chosen risk horizon without automatically transferring to the next Age-Based Portfolio.

Arizona’s Education Savings Plan is not insured by the State of Arizona or any of the program providers. Neither the principal deposited nor the investment return is guaranteed by the State of Arizona or the program providers.

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