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Enter your baby to win!

On your mark, get set…save! During halftime, at the NAU Family Day Football game, six crawling babies will “race” across the field for a chance to win $529 towards an AZ529 college savings plan.

Parents and babies all get free tickets to the game!

Think your little one has what it takes to cross the finish line first? Let's find out at the NAU Diaper Derby!

Official Contest Rules

Racers will be chosen from all entries received. Entry will be open until six contestants and alternates have been selected.

Entrants must be Arizona residents between the of ages 6 to 12 months at the time of the event and must be able to crawl, but not walk at the time of the event. To enter your racer, you must be an Arizona resident and the legal parent/guardian of the child.

The winning contestant will receive a total of $529 toward the account.

The baby and two family members selected to participate will each receive tickets to attend the Northern Arizona University vs. University of Northern Colorado football game October 5, 2019. Current kickoff time is 4 PM but is subject to change.


The AZ529 Diaper Derby highlights and promotes the AZ529 savings plan. Participants are agreeing to the use of their images or name in promotions for AZ529, including but not limited to television, social media, websites, press releases or other publications. Participants will agree that they will not receive any additional compensation for participating and are responsible for your own travel to the game and for any other expenditures made at the event.

The winner will be declared by representatives of the Arizona 529 Family College Savings Program and its marketing partner Davidson Belluso. All decisions, including the declaration of a winner (in case of a tie), will be final.

Yes. If your child is chosen to participate you will receive two adult tickets to the game for you and whomever else you would like to bring with you, including another family member or family friend.

Contestants are requested to arrive prior to game time. Diaper Derby will be held at halftime, approximately 90 minutes after the start of the game.

Reserved tickets are at the front of Section 222 in the Skydome for those looking to get additional tickets nearby. Once you sign up for the Diaper Derby, we will be in touch with information on how to buy discounted tickets. NAU anticipates this event to sell out before Sept. 1, 2019, so we encourage buying additional tickets while supplies last.

The Diaper Derby is open to any Arizona resident. However, you have to commit to being at the site of the Diaper Derby on the day of the event. No additional travel expenses will be covered beyond entry to the event.

The Arizona 529 College Savings Plan is a designated account to save for future higher education expenses. Contributions to this account grow on a tax-deferred basis. Funds in a 529 account can be used for postsecondary tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, a computer and other related expenses.

If your child wins, you will receive $529 towards an Arizona Family College Savings 529 Plan. Any funds saved in this account can be used toward tuition and other qualified higher education expenses at most accredited higher education institutions in the country, including community colleges, vocational or trade schools, as well as public or private universities.

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