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The State of Arizona has authorized the two financial institutions listed below to offer two distinct product options for the Arizona 529 College Savings Plan. Fidelity Investments offers direct-sold plans which allow you to open an account yourself. The Goldman Sachs 529 plan can be opened for you by your financial advisor. To determine which financial institution is best suited for your college savings goals, call or visit each providers website.
Fidelity Investments


Fidelity Investments

1-800-544-1262 |
Fidelity Investments offers both actively managed and index portfolios. Within those portfolio categories, you can choose from age-based allocation, static allocation and/or individual portfolios.

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Goldman Sachs 529 Plan

888-462-6209 |
Goldman Sachs 529 Plan offers multiple investment options including Individual Portfolios with a range of asset classes, Target Risk Portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive risk/return profiles and Year of Enrollment Portfolios based upon time horizon, with a progressive glide path. Please note the Goldman Sachs 529 Plan is available for investment only through financial advisers.

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